We use animation & illustration to talk to people.

This is what we do.


illustrated character in front of screens
cute blue character with keyboard keys floating
3D pencil drawing ideas
branding in 3D with colors
3D jenga of design concepts
craft illustration of a kid camping with dogs
credit card 3D design in beach ambient
2D girl playing 3D keys
2D girl illustrated writing code
3D ship in middle of a storm
2D characters in a subway using phone
2D characters floating with ideas in their mind

This is who we are.

Mau Sandoval

Reggaeton Illustrator

Aaron Torrez

Motion Drummer

Sergio Cantú

3D Guitarrist

This is our story.

After years of working side by side in the animation industry, we decided to follow our own path, under our own rules. Driven by captivating narratives & eye-catching visuals, our work seeks clear communication of your ideas in order to reach as many minds as possible.

We love our craft & telling stories as much as our spare time.

We are not robots, we are Hümanz.